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Cryptoverse Seed Wallet

Cryptoverse Seed Wallet

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Stylish, Designed with security in mind, the Cryptoverse Seed Wallet is the perfect way to store seed phrases. Constructed of a sleek metal card, the seed phrase is securely engraved and guarded from damage or destruction. Invest in optimal security with this practical and stylish wallet - Keep it secret, keep it safe!

Comes with a special engraving tool. 

Every crypto wallet is secured with its own seed phrase. Keeping this seed phrase safe is vital for keeping your crypto safe and accessible only to you. 

When setting up your crypto wallet, you will be asked to note down each word from the phrase and keep this note safe - without it no one will be able to access the crypto stored there - not even you! This is why seed wallets are so important for crypto holders.

Writing things down on paper has an element of risk - flood, fire or accidental disposal of the paper it is written on. 

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